Where to find Tax Record data in Connect


There are several different options for viewing tax record data within the connectMLS system.

If you are viewing a listing in the List View (single line) report, go to the far right side of the report and click on the 2022-10-27_9-31-34.jpg Info icon:



That opens the Additional Info section for the property, which provides access to many reports and tools:



Among the many utilities at your disposal are three different options for tax/public record information for the property you are currently viewing.

  • 2022-11-21_16-31-31.jpg links to the onboard tax record for the property. 

  • 2022-11-21_16-31-58.jpg  links to the SmartTax property report, which provides the full public record information for the property.  This is also a gateway into the SmartTax system, which allows you to search all of SmartMLS's public records, view comparable properties, create a CMA report and much more.

  • 2022-11-21_16-32-24.jpg is also a gateway into the SmartTax public records system.  This icon links to comparable properties for the listing you are currently viewing and allows you to quickly start a CMA report for the listing.

You can also access these same tax data links from the Full Detail report by clicking the Additional Info link in the top right of the report:



Additionally, the Parcel ID field on the Full Detail report is a link to the onboard tax record for the property:




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