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Have you ever been in a situation where you were running a complicated search for a very demanding client and another customer calls you and urgently asks you to perform a completely different search for their dream home?

At this point, you must make a choice- abandon your current (and very involved) search so you can help the customer on the phone, or tell the customer on the phone that you are in the middle of something and will have to call them back shortly. Neither option is ideal.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to make the difficult decision of choosing which customer to help now and which to deal with later? How awesome would it be if you could have multiple searches (or other system features) open simultaneously, allowing you to truly multi-task while working within the MLS?

With our new connectMLS system, you do not have to limit your workflow to just one task at a time. You can have both a listing search and a tax search open at the same time. Or you can have a CMA and a map search open simultaneously. Connect lets you finally achieve true multi-tasking while in the MLS.

Here’s how.

One of the icons in the upper right of Connect is the New Workspace icon 2023-01-30_15-12-44.jpg :



If you are currently in the middle of one task and would like to start another without stopping what you’re doing and losing the work you have done up to this point, just click the New Workspace icon. It will open a second instance of Connect in its own browser tab, allowing you toggle back and forth between it and your work in the original Connect tab.

You can have up to three Connect workspaces open simultaneously. When opening a new workspace, you are not prompted to log in. It will automatically log you in and bring you to the home page.

When you are finished with a workspace, you should log out of it the same way you normally log out of Connect when you are finished with your session- click your picture/photo in the top right and click Sign Out:



If you just close the browser window (instead of clicking Sign Out), it does not technically sign you out of that additional Connect session. This could potentially prevent you from opening another new workspace because Connect is fooled into thinking that you already have the maximum number of sessions (three) open. It is always best to sign out properly, even if you are just trying to close a new/additional workspace.

If you go to open a new workspace and get the following error, it is because you already have three Connect sessions open at the moment:



Be careful clicking the OK button, as that will close one of your previous workspaces (the one that has been open the longest). Unless you are certain as to which workspace it will close, or if you don’t care if you lose the work in any of the current workspaces, you may want to go through the Connect workspaces that are currently open to make sure you don’t stand to lose any important work that you have not yet finished.

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