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By default, when you are viewing the results of a Connect search, the listings display in agent-facing reports that include privileged information (such as the list agent and office information) that is not meant for the general public. 

There may be times when you would like to view or print listings in a client-facing format (printing handouts for an open house, for instance). Thankfully, Connect has a very simple solution for switching between the agent and client versions of a listing.

When you are viewing a Full Detail report, there is a Client-Friendly switch in the upper right corner that lets you toggle between the two views:



Before clicking the switch, the report is in an agent-facing format and the toggle switch looks like this: 2023-02-10_14-35-04.jpg.  The report includes information that is not intended for the general public, such as owner information, syndication options and agent/broker information.


If you click the switch once, it changes the report to a public-facing format and the switch looks like this: 2023-02-10_14-43-07.jpg. Any sensitive information, including list agent/broker information, is removed from the report.


You can toggle between the agent and client versions of the report as often as you like, just by clicking that toggle switch.  

When printing listings, you always have the option to print the client versions of reports, even if you were in the agent version when you clicked the Print button:



When you email listings, regardless of what type or report you are viewing when you click the Email button, Connect will only deliver those listings in public-facing reports that do not include any agent/broker or other sensitive information. There are several diferent report formats that your clients can switch to when they are viewing properties in their Portal, all of which are public-facing. Your clients will not be able to see agent-facing reports in their Connect Portal.

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