Broker tour/open house search in Connect


Connect makes it easy to search for broker tours or open houses that have been entered into the MLS.

Go to the Search menu and select Tour/Open House:



The search screen opens up with a couple fields already pre-populated (though you can certainly change them):



  1. Property Type defaults to Cross Property, meaning your search will cover all property types.  Use the drop down arrow if you would like to choose a specific property type.
  2. Status defaults to just Active listings. If need be, you can also select Coming Soon and/or Under Contract- Continue to Show listings.
  3. By default, the search starts out looking just for public Open Houses, but you can switch that to just look for Broker Tours, or search for both tours and open houses at the same time.
  4. The default time frame for the search is within 7 days of the current date.  You can change the number of days or use the fields directly underneath the enter a specific time frame.
  5. The State field always defaults to Connecticut, but you can remove it and/or choose additional states.

Much like a property search, there is an Add/Remove Fields button in the bottom right of the Tour/Open House search screen that allows you to add, remove or reorder the fields on the search:



Something to keep in mind when performing a tour/open house search in Connect is that the number of matches you get after you enter all of your criteria represents the number of listings but not necessarily the number of events.

For instance, an individual listing may have both a public open house and a broker tour occurring during the time frame you have entered during your search.  Even though it is technically two separate events, it only counts as 1 when the Connect system calculates the number of matches. 

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