Flood zone information in Connect


There are several places to see flood zone information within Connect.

If you are incorporating a map during your search, click the layers icon 2022-11-04_11-04-10.jpg  in the upper left of the map and select Flood Plain:



Note: after selecting the Flood Plain layer, you may have to adjust the zoom level on your map to see the flood information in better detail.


You can also see flood layer information on individual listings.

When viewing a listing in the Full Detail report, click the locate on map icon 2022-11-04_11-10-50.jpg  at the top center (right next to the address) to display the property on a map:



A map will open to the left of the listing and the property will appear in the center of the map.

Click the layers icon 2022-11-04_11-04-10.jpg  at the top of the map and select Flood Plain:



You can now see if there are any flood plains on or near the property:



The locate on map icon 2022-11-04_11-10-50.jpg is available on other Connect reports (List View, Thumbnail, Gallery, etc.) and functions the same on all of them.  Regardless of the report you are viewing, you can plot the property on a map and then apply the Flood Plain layer so you can quickly determine if the property might be susceptible to flooding issues.



In addition to searches and listing reports, you can also access flood zone information from the SmartTax tax report.

While on the Full Detail report, go to the Additional Info section in the top right:



Go down to the Reports section and click Tax Record:



Once the Property Report opens, scroll down to the Fema Flood Zones section (it is the second to last section at the bottom of the report):


  1. Click the FIRM Panel ID to open FEMA's website and get detailed flood zone information for the property:


  2. Click Learn more about flood insurance from FloodSmart.gov for additional information and resources regarding flood insurance.


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