View sent email in Connect


If you would like to see listings you have recently emailed from Connect, go to the Client Activity widget and use the first menu to select Listings Sent:




Use the second drop-down to select your time frame:




You can use the third drop-down menu to select a specific client, or view emails you've sent to any of your clients over the given time period:






You can also see listings you have sent from within the My Clients section of Connect:




After you select the desired Client, go toward the top right of their dashboard and click Listings:




Go to the far right of the screen and click History:




That will display a list (in chronological order) of all of the emails that have been sent to the Client:




Clicking in the center column (where it says 1 property, etc.) will show you the properties that were sent in that particular email.



Note: you can email listings to someone who is not in your Clients list, but you will not be able to use the steps in this article to view those emails. The connectMLS system can only track emails that have been sent to a Client Portal. If you send emails to someone that has not been added as a Client, it is recommended that you copy yourself on the email if you would like to be able to keep track of it.

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