Creating mailing labels in SmartTax


SmartTax allows you to easily create mailing labels for the results of your search. 

After you have performed your search and are viewing the matching properties, select the desired property records, click the Keep Checked button, then click Create Labels:



You have many different options when it comes to creating your mailing labels.

The top section of the page allows you to refine the records and eliminate parcels without a zip code, parcels without a zip+ 4 code and/or duplicate records. You can also change how the records are sorted prior to label creation:



The next section gives you control over the actual addressee and street address information that appears on the labels. You can choose the order in which the addressee’s name is displayed, as well as whether you would like to include a second owner’s name or use custom text instead of the name.

Additionally, you can choose between using the owner’s address or the property address, as well as replace the name with either Current Resident or custom text:



The next section allows you to choose the type/layout of your labels. The three most popular Avery label formats are available to use:



Please note: You do not have to use Avery brand labels for these formats to work.

The screen will adjust based on the selection you make. For instance, if you choose the first option (Avery 5160), you will see a sheet of 3-across labels. If you choose one of the other two options (Avery 5161 or 5162), you will see a blank sheet of 2-across labels.


To help reduce waste, the SmartTax system allows you to select which label on the sheet you would like to use to start the print job:



This allows you to print using a sheet of labels that has been used in the past but still has some unused labels (rather than throwing it away in favor of a completely unused label sheet).

Simply click on the label you would like the print job to begin on:

Lastly, select your document format. The options are a word document or a PDF:



Once all of your options are selected, click the Create Labels button to generate your labels.

Suggestion: if you are not using Avery labels, you may want to start off by printing a test on a sheet of paper (rather than a sheet of labels) and then hold the paper up to your labels to make sure they line up. If they do not line up, at least you have not wasted a sheet of labels.

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