Accessing and working with Saved Searches in connect


connectMLS makes it easy to access and interact with any searches you have saved.  There are several places throughout the system that allow access to your saved searches.

When you first log into connect and are on the home page, there is an Automatic Searches widget that lets you access those saved searches that you have set to automatic.

Note: you will not be able to access your manual saved searches here. There are other spots within connect that allow you to do that- we will cover those later in this article:


If you click the text in the Description column, it opens the search screen and gives you several options for interacting with the search:



It also allows you to adjust the search criteria and re-save the search, if desired.

Clicking the number of matches in the upper right will display the matching properties.


You can also access your saved searches (both automatic and manual) from the Prospecting Manager.  There is a link to Prospecting Manager at the bottom of the Automatic Searches widget. There is also an icon 2022-11-16_14-41-49.jpg in the top right corner of all connect screens that opens the Prospecting Manager.

Whichever way you access the Prospecting Manager, you will see the following screen:




Use the Saved Search Types drop down menu to choose between Automatic and Manual searches:


This screen displays all the relevant information about the search, such as when it was last run, the number of new matches and when it expires.  You can also re-run the search right from this screen (unless it is set to be a real-time search), edit the criteria or delete the search completely.


Saved searches are also available from the My Searches section on the right side of the search screen:




After you click Saved Searches, there are several options for you to work with your automatic and manual saved searches:



  1. You can switch between a single line (List View) and more detailed (Card View) display of the searches.

  2. Use the Filter field to pull up a specific client or search by name.

  3. The Extend feature allows you to select one or more clients and extend the expiration date of their saved search.

  4. Use the All drop-down menu to switch between Manual and Automatic searches.

  5.  The Sort drop down menu allows you to sort the list based on a handful of fields (client name, search name, last run date, etc.).



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