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RentSpree is a 3rd party Matrix integration that is designed to streamline your rental transactions by providing online rental applications and instant rental screening reports for potential tenants.

There is a RentSpree Online Screening field on the Additional Info tab of listing entry for rental listings:



This is a required field for all Residential Rental listings.  By default, when you are adding a new Residential Rental listing, the field will be blank.  You must choose either Yes or No.

If you select Yes, it will create a new icon on your listing:



When another Matrix user clicks on this icon on your listing, they will encounter the following screen:



This allows you (as the renter's agent) to immediately screen the renter and get a comprehensive application package that includes:

  1. A completed rental application.
  2. Credit Report.
  3. Background Check.
  4. Eviction Report.


Note: as of 7/1/2022, the RentSpree screening fee will be increased from $30 to $38.  

SmartMLS has nothing to do with RentSpree's pricing structure or the decision to increase the screening fee.  



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