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Why do these rules matter to agents and brokers? 

Access to accurate, up-to-date listing data is essential to the success of your business.

Imagine you are trying to help a client come up with the right price to list their home for sale, but none of the MLS homes sales data in the surrounding area is accurate. Without reliable information on comparable home sales in the market, establishing prices and advising on a marketing strategy becomes a lot harder.

Reliable data is essential in maintaining an accurate MLS database. 


Why do we need MLS compliance?

As Connecticut real estate professionals, we succeed the most when we work together. And to do that, we need to agree on a set of reasonable ground rules.


Rules? What rules?

When you’re a SmartMLS subscriber, you are subject to SmartMLS Rules and Regulations.


Okay…so who makes these rules?

SmartMLS Rules and Regs are based on the Handbook of Multiple Listing Policy developed by the National Association of Realtors. Additional recommendations must be approved by the SmartMLS Board of Directors before being put into effect.


More Info

You will find lots of great resources below including Listing Status Definitions, FAQs, Listing Options, Tips, and more. As always, you can reach out to SmartMLS Compliance with clarification or questions.  We are here for you!



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