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State of Connecticut Grand List

Every year, The State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management creates a Grand List of all municipal and district mil rates. This list is used to create the state budget and is finalized in October. The Grand List for the previous year is used to determine the tax amounts paid for the next fiscal year. For example, the Grand List created in October 2017 determined the taxes and mil rates for the 2018-2019 tax year.  Click this link to view the State of Connecticut Grand List


State of Connecticut Revaluation Date by Town

A revaluation program is undertaken to secure a more equitable distribution of the tax burden, to bring the assessment level up to date, and to modernize assessment procedures. Furthermore, Connecticut law requires that all property be revalued for assessment purposes periodically. A revaluation is required to be completed every five years. The purpose of this requirement is to insure uniformity in real property valuations by eliminating inequities that may have developed since the previous revaluation. Click this link to view the State of Connecticut Revaluation Date by Town


Connecticut Town Profiles Page

The Connecticut Town Profiles is a project of the Connecticut Data Collaborative in partnership with the Connecticut Economic Resource Center, IncThe Connecticut Town Profiles are two-page reports of demographic and economic information for Connecticut’s municipalities, regions, and the state as a whole. They contain information about population, major employers, education, fiscal information, labor force, housing and quality of life. These town profiles are the property of the Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc. They can be used free of charge by external organizations, as long as CERC and CTData are cited. Copy this link to view – 


GreatSchools School Search

You can search by School Name, Town/City, or Category — elementary, middle school, high school, regional vocational tech schools and charter schools. Click here to access GreatSchools



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