immoviewer Info Sheet

  • You can access your immoviewer account from the SmartMLS Member Dashboard:


  • The Single Sign On (SSO) feature of our website should pass along your login credentials, the same as it does for Matrix, ShowingTime, etc.
  • By default, all Offices are opted in.
  • The Broker for the Office/Organization can opt out.
  • Opt outs are global- if the Broker opts out, all offices within the organization are opted out (no agents will be able to use immoviewer tours).
  • There is an immoviewer Y/N field on the Virtual Tour tab of Add/Edit in Matrix:


  • The immoviewer Y/N field is required during listing entry for all listings entered starting 2/19/19.
  • The immoviewer Y/N field is grandfathered in for all existing listings (entered prior to 2/19/19).  These listings can be modified without having to enter anything in the immoviewer field (even though it is a required field). 
  • An immoviewer tour will be created as long as the listing has at least 3 photos, the agent has chosen Yes in the immoviewer Y/N field and the Broker of the Office/Organization has not opted out.
  • immoviewer processes New and changed listings every 4 hours.  As long as they meet the three criteria (at least 3 photos, immoviewer field set to Yes and Broker has opted in) the tour should be ready within 4 hours.
  • There are a few events that will trigger a re-rendering of an immoveiwer slideshow tour:
    • adding new photos
    • deleting photos
    • changing photo captions
  • Note: simply rearranging the order of photos (even among the first 15 photos on the listing) will not update the immoviewer slideshow tour.
  • By default, immoviewer photo slideshow tours are not syndicated to downstream/3rd party sites.
  • An agent can choose to copy the immoviewer URL and paste it into the regular virtual tour field if they would like it to be syndicated to downstream sites.
  • As long as the Broker has not opted out of immoviewer, a tour will be created for every listing that has at least 3 photos (even if the list agent chooses No in the immoviewer Y/N field during listing input).  Once a tour is created, immoviewer will send the list agent an email notifying them that they can use the tour on their listing.  At that point, the agent can go into their listing and switch the field to Yes (if they want to use the tour on the listing).  If they keep it at No, the tour will not appear on the listing.
  • immoviewer also provides other enhanced property marketing options.
    • 3D Tour for $25.
    • 3D Tour and Floor Plan for $69.
  • Due to the coronavirus crisis, immoviewer has graciously allowed all SmartMLS users to have unlimited free 3D tours of their properties (for the time being).


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