Billing cycle and frequency


SmartMLS bills for MLS and Key usage on a six month basis:

      • November through April
      • May through October

MLS dues amount to $212.10 for a 6 month billing cycle ($35.35 per month).

If you purchase a Key from SmartMLS, you will be billed an additional $84.66 every 6 months ($14.11 per month) for your key usage fee. Your Key is billed at the same time as your MLS dues, though it will appear as a separate charge.

For new members, the date you join the MLS will determine what you are billed. We prorate dues as of the 25th of the month. If you join within the first 24 days of a month, you will be billed for that entire month, as well as the rest of the months in the current billing cycle. However, if you join on the 25th or after, you will only be billed for the remaining months of the current billing cycle.


Note: if you fail to pay your invoice by the due date, your services will be suspended and a $25 late fee will be applied to your account. The entire balance, including the late fee, must be paid in full before your services can be restored.



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