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When you are on a property search (for instance, Single Family & Condo search), the Address fields are on the search by default:



This allows you to easily search for a property by it address using any combination of the 7 individual fields that comprise a complete property address (Street Number, Pre-Direction, Street Name, Street Type, Post Direction, Unit and Zip Code).

However, there may be times when you need to search for more than one address at the same time. Thankfully, Connect has a solution for this.

Just go to the bottom of the search screen and click on the Add/Remove Fields button:



Search for the Multiple Addresses field and add it to the search:



Note: when searching for a field to add to a search screen, you can either manually scroll through the list of available fields on the left, or you can start typing the name of the field you want in the field at the top of the list (highlighted in orange above). Once you find the desired field, click the 2023-01-24_10-59-25.jpg  to add it. Click Save Changes when you're finished adding fields.


Once you return to the search screen, you now have the ability to search for an additional 10 addresses (the image below only shows the first 4 new address fields):






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