Customize a SmartTax Property Report


SmartTax provides several different ways for you to customize a property report.

There is an Upload Custom Image button underneath the map that allows you to upload your own photo to the report:



If the report is for a property that is currently on the market and is displaying the property's photos already, uploading your own custom photo will not replace any of the existing photos. Instead, it will replace the small map that appears in the top right of the report:



If the report is for a property that is not currently displaying any photos (just a map), your custom photo will replace the map and be the only image that appears on the report:



Even though your custom image replaces the small map, you can still click the View Larger Map link and display a full screen map centered on the subject property.

If you have uploaded your own photo, you can then email, print or save the report as a PDF with your custom photo.

Note: uploading a custom photo has no impact on how the property record displays for other SmartTax users. It is a one-time customization you are making to the report. If you close the report and go back to it, your custom photo will no longer be there and the map will appear once again. 


You can also control the information that appears on your report. The SmartTax property report is made up of 18 different sections, any of which can be hidden by clicking the Collapse icon 2023-01-04_16-08-40.jpg in the upper right-hand corner of the section:



If you have collapsed a section and would like to expand it, simply click the 2023-01-04_16-21-41.jpg icon.


In addition to being able to collapse any of the report's sections, four of the sections (Sales History, Taxes, Mortgage History, and Property Characteristics: Building) are configured such that you can collapse it so only the most recent information displays (using the 2023-01-04_16-15-29.jpg icon):



If you have minimized a section so only the most recent information is displaying, you can easily revert back to the default (displaying all of the section's information) by clicking the plus sign icon 2023-01-04_16-19-57.jpg:



When you go to Email, Save PDF or Print, you have the option of Original or Condensed. To use your customized version of the report (with any minimized or collapsed sections), you must select Condensed.  If you select Original, it will email, save or print the report with all sections open and maximized.


When emailing or saving the report as a PDF, you've also got the ability to do so in Spanish. Just select the En Español option:



Note: only the original, non-condensed version of the report can be generated in Spanish. You cannot simultaneously collapse or minimize parts of the report and generate it in Spanish.


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